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Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:September 2010
Coverstock Specs
Name:R2S Solid Reactive
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:2000 Abralon
Color:Victory Red / Daytona Blue
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The 2Furious joins the 2Fast in Storm’s Hot Line for the 2010/2011 season. These two will be replacing the Fast and Furious from last season. The big change between the old and new is the core design. The N.O.S. core offers a slightly lower RG and higher differential compared to the Turbine core used in the Fast and Furious. By sticking with the R2S cover, Storm has created a new line of balls that are slightly stronger than their predecessors but similar enough so that consumers can progress into these without much trouble.

During our testing, we found the 2Furious to match up best with our heavy oil pattern. The 2000 Abralon finish of the 2Furious gave each tester the traction needed to handle the volume and length of this pattern. That length doesn’t allow for the big swing shot, so we had to keep the path inside of the first arrow at the breakpoint in order to find the pocket consistently. When we did, the strength at the breakpoint was plenty to get the job done.

Moving over to the medium test pattern forced each tester to move in a little deeper while giving the ball more room through the front of the lane. There is more miss room wide of target on our medium test pattern, but at the same time there is less hold area. Stroker had no problem using the 2Furious with the box finish, while the other two needed to tweak the surface to create more length. We smoothed out the surface with Storm’s Step 2 Finishing Compound on both Cranker’s and Tweener’s test balls. This surface change gave both the length they needed to find the pocket consistently. Ironically, this is the same surface adjustment that we made to Cranker’s Furious back when we tested that ball.

We tried a few different surface adjustments to get the 2Furious to work on the dry test pattern. What seemed to work for Stroker was using a 4000 Abralon pad and then adding polish. For Tweener and Cranker we never really could find something that worked well. Those with higher rev rates should probably stay away from the dry stuff with this new release. Our sport pattern offered moderate success for all three testers.

Performance Ratings

We found the 2Furious to offer a mild read of the midlane. This ball gave us the strongest read just after the midlane to the breakpoint.
The 2000 Abralon finish allows the 2Furious to be used on oily lane conditions for all styles of bowlers and on medium lane conditions for those with medium and lower rev rates.
Back End15
The slightly stronger core design gives the 2Furious the ability to cover a bit more area at the back end of the lane compared to the original.
Total Hook50
Although the overall hook potential is slightly higher than the Furious, it is still less than the Prodigy. Those needing more hook can rough up the cover, while those looking for more length and back end can take the surface to 4000 Abralon and/or apply some polish.


The R2S cover takes adjustments with the best of them, allowing for a wide variety of looks on the lane. We haven’t tested a ball yet with this cover that didn’t roll extremely well.


The factory finish of the 2Furious will be too strong for lighter oil patterns and too much on some medium patterns for those with higher rev rates. Surface adjustments will be a must when facing these situations.

Overall Summary

The 2Furious from Storm uses a combination of a proven cover and a new core design. The core change gives the 2Furious a similar but slightly stronger overall reaction compared to the Furious.

Storm 2Furious Comparisons

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