Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:December 2008
Coverstock Specs
Name:R2S Hybrid Reactive
Type:Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:1500 Grit Polished
Color:Black / Ultramarine Blue
Core Specs
Name:Inverted Fe2 Technology
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Storm Hy-Road uses the same core as both the T-Road Solid and T-Road Pearl. The cover is still R2S, but instead of being a solid or a pearl, it is a combination of both, making this Storm’s latest hybrid. We feel this is their best hybrid yet. The Hy-Road reads the lane consistently shot after shot, making it consistent and predictable. The 1500 grit polished finish offers easy length on medium-dry to medium-oily conditions while creating a strong, consistent reaction at the breakpoint.

All three testers found the Hy-Road to match up best with our medium test pattern. Cranker is used to seeing a strong midlane and breakpoint, but the Hy-Road offers this to Stroker and Tweener types as well. This type of reaction is one that everyone should have in their bag.

Not only does it dominate medium conditions, the hybrid cover allows it to work on some oily and dry conditions as well. Those who can play the outside part of the lane will have success on oily conditions and those who can play the inside line will have success on some drier conditions as well.

Success on fresh sport patterns with the Hy-Road will depend on the shotmaking skills of the user. Once this type of condition opens up a little, the Hy-Road will be right at home.

Performance Ratings

The Hy-Road offers unbelievable control of the midlane. The T-Roads were known for their strong read of the midlane, but the Hy-Road takes it to the next level. The breakpoint is strong as well.
The 1500-grit polished finish of the R2S Hybrid cover will match up best to any medium type oil pattern. Longer patterns will require a touch of surface, which will allow the R2S cover to read the lane stronger.
Back End16.5
Both the strong midlane and breakpoint contribute to the Hy-Road’s ability to recover at the back end of the lane. The Hy-Road has the ability to outshine both of the T-Roads in this part of the lane as well.
Total Hook48
The overall hook potential of the Hy-Road falls right between the T-Road Solid and T-Road Pearl. With the box finish, the Hy-Road matches up best with medium oil patterns.


The hybrid cover is what we liked most about the Hy-Road. This half solid/half pearl version of Storm’s R2S is their best hybrid cover yet.


The Hy-Road works extremely well on a variety of patterns, but it will struggle on the extreme wet and extreme dry conditions. Surface adjustments will help on the wet stuff. Weaker layouts help on some drier conditions, but nothing will help on the extreme dry stuff.

Overall Summary

The Hy-Road is one of the most well-rounded balls that Storm has ever made. The hybrid cover combines the strong midlane of the T-Road Solid and the strong breakpoint of the T-Road Pearl.

Storm Hy-Road Comparisons

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