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General Info

Name:IQ Tour 30
Reviewed:November 2015
Coverstock Specs
Name:R2S Pearl Reactive
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:1500 Grit Polished
Color:Black Pearl
Core Specs
Name:C3 Centripetal Control Core
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Storm IQ Tour 30 is essentially a different-colored remake of one of the most successful Storm balls ever, the IQ Tour Pearl. This special release was produced in celebration of Storm’s 30th anniversary in the bowling industry. It uses the same low RG, low differential C3 Centripetal Control Core that was found in all the previous IQ Tour releases. It also brings back the R2S Pearl Reactive cover from the gold ball, but this time with a different pearl color and a new 30th anniversary logo. It features the same 1500 grit polished box finish as the original.

Just like the original gold ball, the IQ Tour 30 was best on our medium test pattern. Our testers could get to the pocket easily with this ball, using its easy length and big downlane recovery to blister the pins shot after shot. Compared to the IQ Tour Pearl, we had similar length, but this version seemed to pick up a little stronger in the midlane which gave it some added recovery downlane. With this extra recovery, we were able to get a little farther left with our feet on this pattern when it burned up without ever missing the breakpoint. The box finish should match up well for most bowlers, but the surface can be lowered to 4000 grit to smooth out the big sideways motion downlane, if necessary for certain styles.

On our heavy test pattern, we could start farther right with our feet, go straighter through the front of the lane, and let the downlane motion guide the ball back to the pocket while the condition was fresh. We then gradually made small moves left as the pattern opened up and transitioned.

Our best reaction on our sport pattern with the box finish came from playing up the track with minimal swing through the front of the lane. We hit all three testers’ bowling balls with a 3000 grit pad to add a bit more midlane traction on this condition. This rougher surface created more traction in the oil, while also helping to smooth out the response to the friction when it got to the back end.

Performance Ratings

The IQ Tour 30’s pearl R2S cover will offer the same angularity you remembered from the IQ Tour Pearl. This ball will easily be more angular than the rougher-finished IQ Tour Nano or the hybrid-covered IQ Tour Fusion.
The length from the IQ Tour 30 will be the same as what we saw from the gold ball. This amount of length is best suited for medium conditions.
Back End17
We saw the IQ Tour 30 have just a pinch more recovery at the back end than its gold predecessor. It might be the simple change in color, but we could get this one back from a little farther right than the IQ Tour Pearl.
Total Hook51
Like most of the ratings, the total hook will be nearly identical to the IQ Tour Pearl. In the current line, bowlers can expect about the same total hook as the higher differential Sky Rocket, but less than the Optimus, Rocket, or Crux Pearl.


This 30th anniversary release is a beast on medium volume patterns. This ball provides easy length with a big and powerful back end motion.


Heavy volumes of oil will cause over-skidding for the IQ Tour 30. That is to be expected from any shiny pearlized ball.

Overall Summary

The IQ Tour 30 brings back everything we loved about the IQ Tour Pearl. This ball is a house shot killer.

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