Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:March 2013
Coverstock Specs
Name:Gen MA (Moderate Angle)
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:800 / 1000 / 2000 Abralon / Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Color:Black / Purple / Red
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.003

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The Track 503A joins the 503T and 503C to complete the trilogy of the Packman core. This core is surrounded with the new Gen MA coverstock The Moderate Angle cover is a less aggressive cover than the Gen XA shell used on the 706A.

This combination matched up best on our medium test pattern. All three testers whacked this pattern pretty well. The 503A cleared the front and made a big move at the breakpoint. This gave us the best angle to strike. We had push on shots missed slightly left and shots missed slightly outside went right into the friction and were pushed back toward the pocket. We never had a reason to change the surface on this pattern because our reaction just got better the more we bowled on it.

Stroker and Tweener were able to use the length to their advantage on the dry test pattern. They were able to keep the 503A at the box finish and increase their ball speed. Cranker found it difficult to control the change of direction on this shorter pattern. He raised the underlying surface to 4000 and then applied the Powerhouse Factory Finish polish. The added length got him to the pocket.

We had some trouble at the box finish on the sport pattern. Skid/flip reactions are not what you want to see when you are on a flatter pattern with less miss room than house shots offer. We removed the polish on all three test balls with a 3000 Abralon pad to help control the reaction as the ball exited the pattern. This surface change worked well for us. We recommend using an even lower grit for bowlers on heavier volume sport patterns.

Cranker was the only tester who could even get the 503A to the headpin on the heavy pattern. He removed the polish after a few shots with a fresh 3000 Abralon pad. Stroker and Tweener needed a little more help than the 3000 Abralon and, after a trip to the spinner with a 1500 Abranet soft pad for them, all three testers were able to get the 503A to the hole much easier than with the box finish.

Performance Ratings

The 503A falls into the skid/flip category of ball reaction. This ball clears the front using hardly any energy at all.
The pearlized polished cover skates through the front part of the lane. Even as we broke down the test patterns, the 503A never had problems clearing the heads.
Back End16
The 503A makes quite a move at the back end. If the pattern offers enough friction, this ball stores the energy to get back from nearly anywhere.
Total Hook49
The majority of the total hook of the 503A occurs between the breakpoint and headpin. This ball can cover most medium patterns rather easily.


The skid/snap nature of the 503A is its strongest asset. Bowlers who like to see a ball go long and flip hard will want to look into the 503A.


Heavy volumes of oil will keep the 503A in the bag. There are better options in the Track line to handle these types of conditions.

Overall Summary

The 503A falls between the 300A and the 706A in the ball motion line. This is the closest thing we have thrown to replace the 505A from years ago.

The BTM Ball Testing Team

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The BTM Ball Testing Team is led by Eric Martinez. Our team of three testers has thrown and reviewed hundreds of bowling balls for Bowling This Month. When not testing balls for BTM, Eric owns and operates University Pro Shop in San Antonio, TX and he is an avid competitive bowler. Click here to learn more about how we test and review bowling balls.