Regardless of the type of pattern being used, fresh oil offers unique characteristics, including dry back ends and the heaviest concentration of oil in the heads compared to when transition has taken place. Getting out of the gates with a good first game can be the key to a successful league night or tournament. Relative to what you’ll find yourself doing later in the block, a good fresh oil strategy often includes the following:

  • Smoother ball motion: Fresh oil features the quickest transition from oil to dry at the end of the pattern, so your first ball will likely be the smoothest in shape that you’ll use that day.
  • More surface: This goes hand-in-hand with smoother motions. Using a rougher surface texture compared to balls later in the block provides more control and easier transition.
  • Straighter angles: Not every pattern will be played perfectly straight, but you want to start straighter to help manage transition and keep from getting way too deep way too early.