Which comes first: the swing or the footwork? For many bowlers, a controlled approach involves both slow feet and a slow, forced swing. Make better use of both to generate a more powerful and consistent approach with less muscle tension.

A bowler’s footwork often follows the swing: a slow swing results in slower feet, while a loose swing results in faster feet. The first step to generating more momentum (and using less muscle tension) is to free up your swing and let your legs play catch-up:

  • Do swing drills with something in your hand other than a bowling ball. Another heavy object will force you out of your “bowling brain” and allow you to perform the movement more naturally.
  • Incorporate this object into a mock approach, intentionally trying to go to the line more quickly. Next, try with your bowling ball.
  • As your swing speeds up, you’ll likely feel uncomfortable. Just keep going. Use your feet to chase after the ball.