Training load is essentially the combination of the volume and the intensity of a given session. In the gym, the volume is the number of reps, while intensity is related to the weights used and the pace of the training. On the lanes, training load is a bit harder to quantify:

  • Drills, such as an armswing drill or foul line drill, are considered higher volume and lower intensity, because you get a lot more reps in and there’s no focus on the actual results at the pins.
  • Bowling for score would be considered lower volume but higher intensity, because you are working harder on a mental and tactical level, with fewer shots being taken.
  • The closer you get to a competition, the lower the volume and higher the intensity your on-lane practice should be. For example, right before a tournament, you’d be better served by a 30 to 45 minute practice session of competition simulation than by two hours of drills.