At some point, all bowlers can struggle with their feel and getting the ball off their thumb cleanly. A strong and consistent release depends on your thumb exiting the ball cleanly before your fingers impart the rotation and revolutions. Here are some tips to improve your thumb exit:

  • Check your fit: Spans that are too long or too short and hole sizes that are the wrong shape or angle will impede your thumb exit and negatively impact your release.
  • Keep your thumbnail back: Feeling your thumbnail against the back of the hole will ensure that you’re not squeezing and will help you get your thumb out consistently.
  • Use tape: Your thumb will change sizes slightly as you bowl, so be prepared to remove or add tape as necessary to maintain a consistent fit.

(For a more detailed look at troubleshooting and fixing thumb exit problems, please see Coach Tyrel Rose’s in-depth article on the subject.)