Many bowlers, particularly those at the beginner to intermediate stages, want to increase their rev rate, as a higher rev rate generally translates to an improved hook and a higher strike percentage.

The release is the culmination of the entire approach, where bowlers impart speed and revolutions to the bowling ball. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you increase your rev rate:

  • Optimize your timing and swing plane: A straight swing and good timing will lead to a better overall body position to maximize your release efficiency.
  • Check your grip: The modern release typically has more forward pitch in the thumb and more reverse pitch in the fingers to keep the hand relaxed for more quickness through the release.
  • Practice the wrist motion: Even without a bowling ball, you can practice the modern load/unload release with everyday objects or specific release training tools to master the timing of cupping and uncupping the wrist.