Almost every bowler uses some sort of accessories to go along with their all-important arsenal of bowling balls. Do you replace your accessories often? How prepared are you when you go to a tournament?

Finger inserts, interchangeable shoe soles and heels, and abrasive pads all wear out eventually and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Keep track of the number of times you’ve used your abrasive pads so they can be replaced before they lose effectiveness. Keep an eye on your soles and heels and replace them as needed.

Even if you’re not someone whose skin rips often, you should always have some kind of protective tape or liquid skin patch in your bag for emergencies. If you use a towel and/or grip sack, particularly as part of your pre-shot routine, consider keeping an extra one of each on hand in your bag in case of loss during a tournament. In an emergency, the last thing you want is to hold up play with a trip to the pro shop, or worse, scavenging accessories from other bowlers.