Many bowlers know to practice with a purpose and try to focus their on-lane training around a specific element of their physical game. In addition to reading books and learning about the mental game, bowlers should also dedicate time to training their mental skills on the lanes:

  • Before even starting your practice, spend five minutes visualizing the drills you intend to perform and the success you wish to have. This develops your visualization skill in addition to creating a positive mindset for practice.
  • Devote some time each practice to rehearsing your pre-shot routine. Since the routine is generally under a minute long, you can do several repetitions in a few minutes. This can be a good physical break from a demanding session, and it reinforces your consistency in this skill for competition.
  • Becoming distracted during practice is a good opportunity to rehearse your focus. It’s often easier to refocus during practice, so take the time to go through a specific refocusing routine that you can use in competition when there is more pressure and more potential for distraction.