When it comes to lane play, every bowler wants to improve. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, once you understand the value of making good adjustments, you always want to make them better and faster.

The ability to make good adjustments depends on three essential steps: observe, accept, and adjust.

  • Observe: Watch the ball as it goes down the lane to observe the shape and amount of hook, and then watch the pins to get clues about your deflection. Also, pay attention to other bowlers on your lane to learn even more about the conditions.
  • Accept: Easier said than done, bowlers should accept what they see in front of them, rather than blame themselves for a bad shot.
  • Adjust: Once you’ve observed and accepted, simply make the move based on what you see. From physical manipulation to ball changes or angle changes, you can’t do this well unless you’ve done the first two steps.