Every bowler wants to be able to come through in the clutch. Whether it’s a key spare or a double in the tenth frame, we all want to perform when we really need it.

Performing in pressure situations is all about mindset. You want to normalize the situation as much as possible, while still acknowledging the moment. Here are some tips to improve your execution in the clutch:

  • Perform your pre-shot routine as usual. Many bowlers try to slow down too much, affecting their tempo and giving them more time to think. Maintain your usual pace from the time the arrow is up to the delivery of the ball.
  • You have to want to perform well and not be afraid to get a bad result. It’s an important distinction and one that separates bowlers who come through in the clutch from those who don’t.
  • Embrace the nerves. It’s normal to have a few butterflies. Embrace them as a sign you are doing what you love, competing on the lanes, rather than trying to ignore them or push them down.