Bowlers know they should practice their mental skills, but many are unsure of how to do this in the on-lane practice setting.

The pre-shot routine is made up of several mental tools, such as self-talk and visualization. Regardless of the specific details of your pre-shot routine, here’s how you can practice it as part of your on-lane training:

  • Start by simply milling around the bowler’s area, as if you are waiting your turn. Take your time; you want your mind to wander.
  • Perform your pre-shot routine and assume your bowling stance. Stop and put your ball down just as you are ready to take your first step.
  • Repeat this process 10 times, allowing as much time as needed between “shots” to allow your brain to reset.

Get even more benefits by having someone time your routines to ensure that each one lasts the same amount of time from start to stance.