Every athlete in every sport can face confidence issues, and bowlers are no exception. Regardless of your skill level, confidence plays a major role in helping you perform up to your potential.

Confidence exists on a spectrum. It can be high or low, and it often moves back and forth between the two based on recent results, practice sessions, or even off-lane influences such as work. For bowlers struggling with confidence, here are a few ways to help give it a boost:

  • Focus on positive self-talk: Be aware of negative thoughts and shift your perspective onto what you want to do, rather than what you’re afraid of.
  • Remember past success: When slumping, it’s easy to forget the good times, so make a mental list and relive some of your best moments as a reminder of your best self.
  • Be patient: Confidence won’t instantly climb out of the gutter like magic. Rushing the process is a surefire way to trigger more negative thoughts.