Have you noticed a scoring trend in your league or tournament play? Do you always start slowly and finish strong? Or get off to a hot start and then slow down? Maybe the second game is always your worst game? While there can be any number of explanations, the first step is to become aware of your scoring patterns to figure out how to address them:

  • Do you often struggle at the end of a block? This could be from physical or mental fatigue, so examine your behavior in the 24 hours leading up to the tournament.
  • Do you usually start slow and finish strong? This could be a matter of a lack of focus and intensity prior to starting a block. Create or modify your pre-competition routine to help get you energized before a tournament.
  • Is one of your league games consistently the lowest? First, make sure that this is factual and not just perception by checking the data. Then address potential reasons such as focus, energy, or being slow to recognize or make adjustments.