It’s easy to say that bowlers should be in the moment, ignore the scoreboard, and focus on performance, but it’s hard to do in a tight match or when you know you need a big score to make the cut in a tournament. Here are some tips on how you can look at the scoreboard and still be ready to throw your best shot each frame:

  • Shift your focus: Between shots, it’s normal to check the score. Use your pre-shot routine to refocus on internal cues and execution, rather than keeping an external focus on the score.
  • Breathe: It’s as simple as it gets. Taking a deep breath signals your brain that everything is okay and helps your system relax for a better shot.
  • Embrace the moment: Being thankful for the opportunity to perform in the clutch will help take the pressure off. You’ll be okay no matter the outcome, so try to enjoy it.