Ken Kasprzak

About Ken Kasprzak

Ken is a USBC Silver coach and a BJI Top 100 coach. He has been an avid bowler for 57 years, a participant in 50 USBC Open Championships, and a bowling coach for 30 years. Outside of bowling, Ken is a retired scientist in the field of chemistry with 16 US patents and approximately 50 international patents in the field of siloxane chemistry and its applications.

Avoiding the Bowling Ball Graveyard

Cleaning tips for maintaining performance and curing "dead" ball syndrome

Avoiding the Bowling Ball Graveyard

Bowling balls are expensive. When they aren't properly maintained, their performance can diminish quickly, due in part to the accumulation of oil, grease, and dirt in the coverstock. Maintaining the surface cleanliness of your bowling balls can help them preserve... [Read More]

Surface Management: What’s Your Number?

An analysis of coverstock surface finish and wear

Surface Management

Do you prep the surface of your bowling ball? Do you use abrasive pads to change ball motion? Do you try to manipulate the most important factor in ball motion? I certainly do. All of the information I have read... [Read More]

Suffering the Bowler Blues?

Here are four steps to slump salvation

Suffering the Bowler Blues?

Every bowler experiences occasions of lower than expected performance. The four steps to salvation from this malady that are presented in this article refocus attention on the most important facets of a bowler's performance. As a coach, I often hear... [Read More]