Yuma Scott

About Yuma Scott

Yuma Scott is a USBC-certified Silver coach with over 20 years of coaching experience. He is a former high school bowling coach and he was previously the men's and women's head coach of the Robert Morris - Peoria collegiate teams. Yuma is currently in the process of becoming a pro shop operator and he can be found online at www.bowltuning.com.

Physical Game Adjustments: It’s the Little Things!

Physical Game Adjustments: It's the Little Things!

Although bowling has changed throughout time, some of the basic fundamentals haven’t changed much at all. Along with these fundamentals, there are some common physical adjustments that can be made in situations when the fundamentals just aren’t working correctly. So,... [Read More]

Duplicating Thumb Holes for a Consistent Release

A detailed look at interchangeable and molded thumb insert systems

Duplicating Thumb Holes for a Consistent Release

One of the most crucial elements of becoming a better bowler is consistency, or in other words, repeating shots. A related aspect of improving and becoming the best you can be includes knowing your equipment and when to make changes.... [Read More]

Counting Boards

A different view and how to use it

Counting Boards

Growing up, there were several traditional ways of teaching different aspects of the bowling game. When I was in youth leagues, we were taught simple principles, such as follow through, hit your target, and reach out. Very simple. Of course,... [Read More]