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General Info

Name:Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl
Reviewed:February 2022
Coverstock Specs
Name:Urethane Pearl
Type:Urethane Pearl
Box Finish:360 / 800 SiaAir
Color:Pink Pearl
Core Specs
Name:Gas Mask
Int. Diff:0.016

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Hammer’s new Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl takes the famous asymmetrical Gas Mask core and wraps it in the Urethane Pearl coverstock from the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane. The 2017 Black Widow Urethane featured the same core wrapped in a solid urethane cover, which gives us a good comparison point for this new release. The Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl comes out of the box at a 360/800 SiaAir finish, which gives it a rougher box finish than the Purple and a slightly smoother finish than the solid Black Widow Urethane. Like any urethane ball, it is designed for drier lane¬†conditions, and that is where this ball matched up best for all of our testers.

(Editor’s note: Bowling This Month did not receive either version of the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane for review, so we are unable to make a direct comparison between that ball and the Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl in this review. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.)

The crisp back ends and shorter distance of the dry test pattern gave Tweener a very good look with the Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl. The fresh was no problem, but he needed to start watching his speed as oil

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