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Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:February 2016
Coverstock Specs
Name:Semtex Solid CFI
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:500 / 2000 Abralon
Color:Blue / Green / Black
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Scandal is 2016’s first addition to Hammer’s High Performance lineup, joining the Bad Intentions and the Bad Intentions Hybrid. This ball uses a brand new high differential, low RG symmetrical core design. The Scandal core is encased with the carbon fiber outer core system that has been a standard for Hammer for a couple years, but it is just the second Hammer release to have carbon fiber added into the coverstock. The new Semtex resin is used in its hybrid formulation on the new Dark Legend, but the solid version used on this ball is the only one of the two to use the carbon fiber additive. This new coverstock comes out of the box at a 2000 Abralon surface finish, making it a no-brainer for slick oil patterns.

Not surprisingly, the Scandal was best for our testers on our heavy oil pattern. It picks up very strong in the early part of the midlane, making its read at the breakpoint and then offering a big continuous hook through the pin deck. Our testers were all three boards farther left with their feet than they were with the Bad Intentions, and about five boards farther left than they were with the Dark Legend. The strong hooking shape of the Scandal gave us a smoother and more rounded line to the pocket on this pattern.

When we moved to the medium pattern, Stroker had the best reaction of our three testers. He only had to move a few boards left with his feet and could play an almost identical line to the pocket. Tweener and Stroker had to make a big shift left with their feet and targets to get the ball to the pocket at the box finish. After about a game, they both started to feel like they had no mistake room. Shots tugged left of target and shots that got to the dry too quickly all resulted in the ball going high into the headpin. They both added Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish to their balls to delay the hook and allow them to get back to the pocket.

The Scandal easily overpowered our sport pattern. Its strong hooking motion in the middle of the lane made it easy to control the pocket on this flatter condition. The rough box finish could recover on shots missed right of target and it burned off enough energy in the midlane for us to see a little hold left of target. This ball’s strong cover is an asset when you want to attack a pattern with a big and smooth hook shape.

Performance Ratings

The Scandal uses a new sanded solid coverstock that still responds pretty hard to the dry. It is smoother in shape than the hybrid formulation found on the Dark Legend.
The 2000 Abralon box finish allows the Scandal to grip hard in the midlane. This sanded finish is best on heavy volumes of oil.
Back End17
The new Semtex Solid CFI cover will have a bigger back end reaction than the last solid-covered ball in this price point, the Bad Intentions. We were able to retain a strong downlane motion as we started to move left on our test patterns.
Total Hook57
The Scandal will offer the most total hook to date for the Hammer brand. The new cover and core combination make this ball an easy choice for slicker oil patterns.


The ease with which the new Semtex Solid CFI coverstock creates traction is the strongest strength this ball has. Bowlers looking for a ball with more total hook and a bigger downlane reaction than the Bad Intentions will find it with the Scandal.


The rough box finish needs oil in the front of the lane to be most useful. Weak layouts and/or massive amounts of polish are your best bet if you want to use this ball on shorter length and lighter volume oil patterns.

Overall Summary

The Scandal brings a new weight block and coverstock to the table for Hammer. This ball offers the most total hook in the brand and it is the first ball to offer Hammer's newest Semtex Solid CFI coverstock technology.

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