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Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Hustle P/R/O
Reviewed:August 2016
Coverstock Specs
Type:Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:1500 Grit Polished
Color:Purple and Raspberry Solid / Orange Pearl
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Roto Grip Hustle P/R/O is one of two new HP1 line balls this summer, along with the Hustle S/A/Y. It uses the Stoked coverstock with the Hustle symmetrical core design. The Stoked cover is two parts solid, one part pearl, which is the opposite of the two parts pearl, one part solid Psyched cover that is used on the S/A/Y and Wreck-It. This cover is not quite as clean through the oil as the S/A/Y, as it picks up harder in the midlane and provides more overall hook.

We had just a little better reaction on our medium pattern than we had on our dry. The Stoked cover is strongest in the middle part of the lane, allowing our three testers to attack this pattern from multiple angles. Cranker stood just left of 20 and got his ball out to around eight at the breakpoint. Stroker played straight up the outside of the lane, but still saw enough motion to get him to the pocket. He’d prefer to see a little more total hook on this pattern, which he could easily get by removing the polished box finish. Tweener played right between the other two testers and he was able to stay out closer to Stroker for a longer amount of time. We could definitely see this ball pick up earlier than the S/A/Y and then come out of the pattern smoother at the back end.

We saw the same differences in shape between the two Hustles on our dry pattern. Stroker really liked the increase in total hook of the P/R/O over what he saw with the S/A/Y. Tweener had a similar reaction to the medium pattern, but noticed quickly he could not stay as straight as Stroker. Cranker had to make sure to get his ball going right off his hand. Any shots he cut a little short really overreacted when they got out of the oil pattern. He saw more length from the S/A/Y than from the P/R/O, which explains why he was more comfortable with it on this drier pattern.

Like the S/A/Y, the P/R/O was not quite strong enough for our sport pattern. We removed the polish from all three bowling balls with a 3000 Abralon pad. At this finish, we saw more traction in the middle of the lane, improving our reaction significantly. We threw the sanded Hustle P/R/Os with our Wreck-Its at the same 3000 grit finish and saw the P/R/O pick up a little sooner and offer a smoother reaction at the breakpoint.

Performance Ratings

The low-flaring Hustle core design helps keep this ball controllable at the breakpoint. The P/R/O will be smoother at the breakpoint than the S/A/Y.
Both Hustles share the same box finish. This one will be a tad earlier because of the extra solid in the coverstock.
Back End16.5
The P/R/O picks up a little sooner, so it will not have as much recovery at the back of the lane. Despite being less than the S/A/Y, it still offers more downlane motion than both the Loco Solid and Loco Pearl.
Total Hook49
The P/R/O offers more total hook than the Hustle S/A/Y and both Locos. All these HP1 releases share the same box finish, so the difference in hook comes from differences in the coverstocks and cores.


The P/R/O is best on light to medium lengths and volumes. This ball is different enough from the S/A/Y to justify having both in the bag.


Like the S/A/Y, the P/R/O will struggle on heavy volumes of oil. Its polished cover and weaker core design will also make it difficult to control on fresh medium sport patterns like the one we test on.

Overall Summary

The Hustles replace the Locos in the HP1 line. Roto Grip never released a hybrid-covered Loco, but now we have two different types of hybrid covers with the two Hustles. The P/R/O is a little smoother and offers more total hook than the S/A/Y.

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