9-Pin No-Tap Tournament – 2017

Presented by Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, and 3G and hosted by The Orleans Hotel and Casino

9-Pin No-Tap Tournament - 2017

Our popular 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament is back for its 4th consecutive year! This year’s event is being held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, located just a few minutes from the site of the USBC Open Championships. This fun event features handicapped singles and doubles 9-pin no-tap competition that is sure to be a great warm-up for bowlers competing in the USBC Open Championships.

For unofficial final standings, please click here (updated on 8/2/2017).

How to bowl

The 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament runs daily from February 15 through July 23. Squads will run daily starting at 10:00 AM and will run continuously throughout the day, with the final squad start time each day at 7:00 PM, based on lane availability. Advanced registration is not required…just walk in and bowl!

Contact the 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament

Tournament director Rick Ramsey can be reached by telephone at (817) 975-1836 or by email at [email protected].

This year’s oil pattern

This year’s oil pattern is 40 feet in length and uses 25.15 mL of conditioner per lane.

Click here to see this year’s tournament pattern.

Note: The Orleans has Brunswick synthetic lanes.

Hosted by The Orleans Hotel and Casino

This year’s host center, The Orleans Bowling Center, is conveniently located in The Orleans Hotel and Casino, just west of the Las Vegas Strip and minutes from the site of the USBC Open Championships.

Special thanks to the 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament’s 2017 sponsors

This tournament is made possible through the support of many great sponsors and partners. Please join us in thanking them for their support of both this tournament and of competitive bowling in general.

The 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament is presented by the brands of Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, and 3G. These great brands lend their support to countless bowlers and tournaments year after year and we thank them for their involvement in this year’s event.

Our lane maintenance sponsor is Kegel. Special thanks to the entire Kegel team for their continued support in helping us provide fair and consistent lane conditions to all our bowlers.

This year’s host is The Orleans Hotel and Casino. When making your travel and entertainment plans this year, we hope you’ll consider spending some time at this long-term supporter of some of bowling’s biggest tournaments.

Finally, please join us in thanking and supporting all of our additional sponsors and partners:

9-Pin No-Tap Tournament’s 2017 rules

1. HAVE FUN. Bowl 3 games of 9-pin no-tap. Knocking down 9 pins on the first ball is a strike.

2. Open to ALL male and female “adult” bowlers.

3. Handicap is based on 80% of 210 using the highest book average from the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, or 2016-2017 seasons with 18 or more games. If no average appears on bowl.com, you will bowl scratch.

4. All reporting of bowler averages is the sole responsibility of the bowler. Failure to give the correct average or give us your USBC card number may result in an average adjustment or possible disqualification.


6. Optional side pots will be available.

7. 300 game jackpot: $10 entry fee per squad bowled. Each 300 game bowled earns a share of the jackpot. The more 300s you bowl, the more shares you win. Example: if there is $1000 collected and nine (9) 300 games rolled, each share would be worth $111.30. The entire $10 goes to the jackpot. WE KEEP NOTHING.


9. Prize fund will be paid at a 1 in 6 ratio, which means at least 1 place will be paid for every 6 paid entries. Money allocated to prize fund will be returned 100%.

10. Entry fee for singles will be $40, with $24 going to the prize fund and $16 for bowling and expenses.

11. Crossover doubles will be allowed with the entry fee of $25 per bowler, with $19 going to the prize fund and $6 for expenses.

12. Doubles only entry fee will be $40 per bowler, with $24 going to the prize fund and $16 for bowling and expenses.

13. Tournament starts February 15, 2017 at 10:00 AM and the last squad will be July 23, 2017 at 4:00 PM. Squads start daily at 10:00 AM with continuous squads until the final squad of the day, which starts at 7:00 PM, based on lane availability. Additional squads may be added. Call Rick Ramsey at 817-975-1836 for additional information.

14. All prize checks will be mailed within 30 days of the last day of event. All decisions made by the tournament director are final. Tournament director has the right to deny any entry, rerate any bowler, and disqualify any bowler if necessary.


Legal / disclaimer

The 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament is owned and operated by Rick Ramsey. While all efforts have been made to provide accurate information on the 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament, BTM Digital Media, LLC does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided. Please direct all tournament questions and inquiries to Rick Ramsey.