The 1-2-3 Tournament – 2017

Presented by Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, and 3G and hosted by The Orleans Hotel and Casino

The 1-2-3 Tournament - 2017

The 1-2-3 Tournament is back! This year’s event is being held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, located just a few minutes from the site of the USBC Open Championships. The 1-2-3 is a handicap tournament featuring singles, doubles, and trios competition and is the perfect warm-up event for bowlers competing in the USBC Open Championships.

How to bowl

The 1-2-3 Tournament runs daily from February 15 through July 23. Squads will run daily starting at 10:00 AM and will run continuously throughout the day, with the final squad start time each day at 7:00 PM, based on lane availability. Advanced registration is not required…just walk in and bowl!

Contact The 1-2-3 Tournament

Tournament director Rick Ramsey can be reached by telephone at (817) 975-1836 or by email at [email protected]

This year’s oil pattern

This year’s oil pattern is 40 feet in length and uses 25.15 mL of conditioner per lane.

Click here to see this year’s tournament pattern.

Note: The Orleans has Brunswick synthetic lanes.

Hosted by The Orleans Hotel and Casino

This year’s host center, The Orleans Bowling Center, is conveniently located in The Orleans Hotel and Casino, just west of the Las Vegas Strip and minutes from the site of the USBC Open Championships.

Special thanks to The 1-2-3 Tournament’s 2017 sponsors

The 1-2-3 Tournament is made possible through the support of many great sponsors and partners. Please join us in thanking them for their support of both this tournament and of competitive bowling in general.

The 1-2-3 Tournament is presented by the brands of Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, and 3G. These great brands lend their support to countless bowlers and tournaments year after year and we thank them for their involvement in this year’s event.

Our lane maintenance sponsor is Kegel. Special thanks to the entire Kegel team for their continued support in helping us provide fair and consistent lane conditions to all our bowlers.

This year’s host is The Orleans Hotel and Casino. When making your travel and entertainment plans this year, we hope you’ll consider spending some time at this long-term supporter of some of bowling’s biggest tournaments.

The 1-2-3 Tournament’s 2017 rules

1. ELIGIBILITY: Open to all adult bowlers with the following exception: any PBA member who has won a PBA National Tour event since January 1, 2014 or finished in the top 20 PBA earnings list for the past 3 seasons. Tournament director reserves the right to refuse any entry.

2. FORMAT: Trios (3 bowlers) 3 games on same pair, unlimited entries but same three bowlers may cash only once. Doubles (2 bowlers) 3 games on same pair. You can bowl with either or both of the bowlers on your trio team and/or crossover with up to 6 bowlers at one time. You may cash as many times as possible in doubles, but only once with the same partner. Singles 3 games on same pair. You may enter singles a maximum of 6 times and cash twice, but only once in the top 20. All divisions will be handicap 80% from 210.

3. DIVISIONS: There will be only one division in Trio and Doubles. Singles will feature an Open division for anyone eligible to enter the event, a Senior division for bowlers age 50 or older at time of participation, a Super Senior division for bowlers age 65 or older time of participation, an Open Ladies division, and a Ladies Senior division for bowlers age 50 or older at time of participation.

4. TOURNAMENT DATES AND SQUADS: February 15, 2017 through July 23, 2017. Squads will run daily from 10:00 AM with continuous starts with 7:00 PM being the last start of the day. All squads times are based on lane availability and some days will have NO squads to avoid conflict with other events. Call Rick Ramsey at 817-975-1836 or go to for additional information.

5. ENTRY FEES: The initial entry fee for all divisions will be $50 ($33 to prize fund and $17 for bowling/expenses). If a bowler enters more than one event at the same time, entry fee for additional events will be $35 ($28 to prize fund and $7 for expenses) for each crossover entry. Reentries will be $40 ($27 to prize fund and $13 for bowling/expenses).

6. SCRATCH SINGLES POT: There will be a $20 jackpot with all $20 going to the prize fund. Bowlers may enter multiple times, but can cash only once. Each division will have its own jackpot.

7. 300 GAME JACKPOT: Cost will be $10 with all the entry fee going to the prize fund. The money will be split evenly if multiple 300 games are bowled during the event. If no 300s are bowled, the money will be paid to the bowler having the highest game of the tournament. No handicap.

8. ENTERING AVERAGE: Bowler will use their highest average for 18 games or more from league or tournament play since January 1, 2014. If Sport bowling average is used, the tournament director has the authority to adjust the average prior to bowling. Failure to use the correct average could result in disqualification of the bowler.

9. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: 100% of prize money collected will be paid on a 1 to 5 ratio in each division.

10. PLAYING RULES: USBC standard playing rules will be followed for anything not covered in stated rules. Tournament director’s decision is final.

11. LANE ASSIGNMENTS AND PRACTICE: No practice other than the 7 minute warm-up session will be allowed on tournament lanes during tournament hours. Lanes will be randomly assigned by tournament staff.


Legal / disclaimer

The 1-2-3 Tournament in 2017 is owned and operated by Rick Ramsey. While all efforts have been made to provide accurate information on The 1-2-3 Tournament, BTM Digital Media, LLC does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided. Please direct all tournament questions and inquiries to Rick Ramsey.