Ernesto Avila

About Ernesto Avila

Ernesto Avila is a professional bowling coach who is currently the Head Coach of the Peru national team. He is a Panam Bowling Master Coach, a USBC Silver Coach, and an ETBF Level 3 Coach.

Training the Skills You Need

Speed, launch angles, loft, and axis control

Training the Skills You Need

In my last article, we covered the four competition zones and the variables you need to control to compete in each one. This time around, we’ll cover the physical skill variables you’ll need to compete in the four zones, how... [Read More]

Bowling’s Four Competition Zones

Preparing to compete like a champion

Bowling's Four Competition Zones

For competitive bowlers, and those working toward that level, one of the most important questions to ask is, “What should I practice?” If your goal is to have a purposeful, effective practice, then knowing what to practice becomes vital. Aside... [Read More]