Dean Hinitz

About Dean Hinitz

Dr. Dean Hinitz is a clinical sports psychologist in Reno, Nevada, a bowler, former competitive gymnast, and black belt in Japanese-style Karate.

Taking Your Best Shot

taking your best shot header

The eternal dilemma of athletes who are great in practice and then change under the lights is to understand what happened to the confident, free executor of strike and spare shots. The conventional wisdom is that if you just practice... [Read More]

Closing Out the Game

Preparations in championship play

Last December, at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, hundreds of bowlers competed, both for a regional title and for seven exemption positions on the PBA Tour. In addition, the winner of this competition would be privileged to bowl in... [Read More]

Steps to the Learning and Coaching Process

Learning how to learn

Steps to the Learning and Coaching Process

“A lesson well learned becomes your teacher for life.” -Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott, Coaches Bowlers are like predators, always looking for that edge that is going to help them play and compete better. The search for improved form, leverage,... [Read More]

The Decision to Change Your Game

Should you? Could you? Would you?

The Decision to Change Your Game

A famous coach once said that everyone wants their game to get better, but no one really wants to change what they are doing. Most of the readers of this magazine would most certainly say that they are consistently looking... [Read More]

Your Competition Personality

Which one are you bringing to play?


Everyone can draw up a mental picture of what a champion bowler looks like when he/she is on their game. However, if you ask what this picture looks like, the answer is that it varies from player to player. For... [Read More]

Curing the Choke

Let’s define it, then fix it

Curing the Choke

Imagine being in this situation. You are at a tournament, engaged in match play, and it becomes clear that you need to strike to win. Or perhaps you have to make a challenging spare to advance. You get up on... [Read More]

A Case of “the Yips”

What sometimes happens when it’s just too easy

A Case of "the Yips"

Generally this space is reserved for attention to peak performance in all aspects of the game. This month will be no exception, yet the way we are going to get there is through a back door. Everyone has “grabbed one”... [Read More]

Going for the Gold

The six qualities of a champion

Going for the Gold

“Each of us has a fire inside for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.” -Mary Lou Retton In Indianapolis last July something big was brewing in bowling. Literally thousands of youth bowlers and... [Read More]

Teams That Play Together Well Win

The seven principles of team and doubles play

Teams That Play Together Well Win

“Communication is probably the most important thing. And I believe the maturity level of all the players involved has a lot to do with it. No one has such a big ego that they think they are better than anyone... [Read More]

Breaking 900

Developing your own full potential

Breaking 900

We live in a world of numbers and statistics. The first thing that non-bowlers ask of serious bowlers (you) is whether or not you have bowled a 300 and “What is your average?” Players trot out title records like that... [Read More]