Josh Blanchard

About Josh Blanchard

Josh was born and raised in Southern California where he found his passion for bowling. Graduating from Wichita State with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Management, Josh joined the PBA Tour and became Rookie of the Year in 2011. Along with three national PBA titles, three PBA Regional titles, and two Collegiate National Championships, Josh co-authored a book, Bowling: Energy in Motion, in 2017. The book has been sold worldwide and focuses on bowling’s mental game. He is a father of three children, an avid golfer, and he competes regularly in long-distance bicycle races.

New Environment, New Solutions

Solving corner pin problems on house and sport patterns

New Environment, New Solutions

Let me start off this month’s article by stating how lucky I feel to be back writing for BTM. I stepped away from writing for a while, and I am thrilled to be back putting pen to paper and providing... [Read More]

Tips for the Weekend Warrior: Fit Is Key

How ball fit affects more than just your release

Tips for the Weekend Warrior Fit is Key Header

Bowling certainly has its unique challenges and complications: which ball to throw, what lane surface you are bowling on, what oil you are bowling on, and many more. But above all of those variables, the physical game is still the... [Read More]

Keeping Your Change

Perseverance pays off

Keeping your change

Just like anything in life, we as bowlers want to evolve and get better every day, every week, and every month. Getting better can mean you are learning more about the technical aspects of the game or more about the... [Read More]

The Face of a Center

What you should know before your first shot


Bowling centers around the world all have lanes that are 60 feet long and 39 boards wide with 10 pins standing at the end, but what many people don’t realize is that every bowling center also has certain unique characteristics.... [Read More]

Improving Your Bowling Outlook

Dealing with mental traffic jams

Improving Your Bowling Outlook

Many of us have busy days before we show up for our weekly leagues. In that busy day before showing up to bowl, what did your day look like? Was it a fairly straightforward and carefree day? Or was it... [Read More]