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  • 1. The impact of being relaxed
  • 2. What fits you
  • 3. Bad habits
    • 3.1. Impact on your swing
    • 3.2. Footwork
    • 3.3. Improving your release
  • 4. A note on injuries
  • 5. Closing thoughts

Bowling certainly has its unique challenges and complications: which ball to throw, what lane surface you are bowling on, what oil you are bowling on, and many more. But above all of those variables, the physical game is still the most important thing in terms of ball reaction and repeatability.

We often talk about how important bowling balls are, but they are only as responsive as the rev rate we put into them during the release. One of the prerequisites for a solid physical game is a proper ball fit. In this article, we are going to talk about how important a proper fit is in terms of a modern release, along with the fit’s impact on other aspects of your physical game.

Bowling has come a long way since the early days of wooden balls with no holes in them. Now we have people bowling two-handed without their thumb and creating more speed and revolutions than bowlers ever have before. Whether you like it or not, the changes in the game have revitalized and revolutionized it for the younger generation.

Along with the style and equipment evolutions have come changes in how the hand should fit the ball. Specifically, I’m referring to how long the spans are and how the fingers and thumb are pitched in the ball. Why do fits need to change if we are still using the same two fingers and a thumb? This is a question that I am sure many pro shop operators and bowlers are asking right about now. Why do I need to change what feels comfortable to me that I’ve used for many years?

The main reason is that the game has changed. There is more oil on the lane now than ever. The bowling balls are stronger now than ever before. And finally, the average rev rate in the game has gone up dramatically in the last 10 years. If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

The impact of being relaxed

All of the changes in the sport in recent years have led to a paradigm shift in how the hand should be sitting in the ball to create the optimal amount of revolutions and power. For as long as bowling has been around, the fits have matched the technology. ...

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Josh Blanchard

About Josh Blanchard

Josh was born and raised in Southern California where he found his passion for bowling. Graduating from Wichita State with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Management, Josh joined the PBA Tour and became Rookie of the Year in 2011. Along with three national PBA titles, three PBA Regional titles, and two Collegiate National Championships, Josh co-authored a book, Bowling: Energy in Motion, in 2017. The book has been sold worldwide and focuses on bowling’s mental game. He is a father of three children, an avid golfer, and he competes regularly in long-distance bicycle races.