Joshua Atkinson

About Joshua Atkinson

Joshua Atkinson is a member of the Belmont Abbey bowling team and is set to graduate in 2025. He is pursuing degrees in Sport Management and Psychology. He is the lead producer for the Belmont Abbey Sports Network, as well as the wrestling team manager. Joshua is also the host of the Pin For Pin Podcast, where he talks about college bowling on a weekly basis.

Getting Started With College Bowling – Part 3

Putting in the work beforehand


Everyone has moments when they wish they could have done something better or they wish they could change something about how they handled a particular situation, and bowling is no exception. This kind of thought process is especially common for... [Read More]

Getting Started With College Bowling – Part 1

A bowler's guide to college recruitment

Getting Started With College Bowling - Part 1

Every year, hundreds of kids join college bowling teams, but at the same time, thousands of perfectly talented bowlers do not bowl collegiately. So why do all these high school bowlers slip through the cracks and not bowl in college?... [Read More]