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  • 1. Taking a break
  • 2. Back on the grind
    • 2.1. Purposeful practice
  • 3. Off-season tournaments
    • 3.1. Talk to your coach
  • 4. Equipment
  • 5. Mental game
  • 6. Getting started on the year
    • 6.1. Tryouts and team trials
  • 7. Final thoughts

As a young bowling athlete planning to join a college bowling program, there are many things you must get aligned in order to have a successful season. You are joining a team with goals from last year that they may or may not have achieved, and now you are a part of what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. You also have your own personal goals in mind.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of what it takes to be ready for your college experience, whether as a freshman, a returning player, or as a transfer. As you get through the current season and anticipation builds, one of the hardest things to do is to take a quick break before the real work begins.

Taking a break

When your season is over, it is essential to take a small break in the weeks after its conclusion. This may be counter to common belief; the usual idea is that when you discover a hole in your game, you try fixing it immediately. While that is important, college bowling lasts from September to April, with more intense training and practice time than most youth bowlers are used to. Your body needs a chance to rest and recover before you can put in more productive work.

Rest is essential both before and during the long grind of the college bowling season, and a good athlete knows how to find the balance between taking a break and being lazy.

Back on the grind

When the college bowling season ends, there are many outcomes across the country. Some teams win, while others come close. What often makes the difference between the various levels of success is the preparation. To repeat that success or improve yourself and ...

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Joshua Atkinson

About Joshua Atkinson

Joshua Atkinson is a member of the Belmont Abbey bowling team and is set to graduate in 2025. He is pursuing degrees in Sport Management and Psychology. He is the lead producer for the Belmont Abbey Sports Network, as well as the wrestling team manager. Joshua is also the host of the Pin For Pin Podcast, where he talks about college bowling on a weekly basis.