Fast Feet Equal Better Shotmaking

Why is everyone telling us to slow down?

Slow down, slow down! Everyone from our youth bowling coach to the State Trooper we’ve come to know on a first name basis keeps telling us to slow down. Okay, maybe that last one is just me, but they are... [Read More]

Ten Incredibly Quick Minutes

Use every second of pre-tournament warm-up time wisely

Ten Incredibly Quick Minutes

Nearly every tournament gives you at least ten minutes of practice before the scoring counts; the PBA gives you 15 minutes. Every second of this time is valuable, so don’t waste it. As an observer and active coach at a... [Read More]

Building an Efficient Bowling Machine

Never run up the down escalator

Building an Efficient Bowling Machine

Sometimes I get tired watching bowlers. It’s not that I have grown bored with our wonderful sport, but that some bowlers put so much physical effort into throwing a bowling ball, I get a workout just watching. So what’s wrong... [Read More]

Let’s Play Twenty Questions

Performing a personal evaluation on your game

Let's Play Twenty Questions

It’s six o’clock on a Saturday night. A bowler sits in a chair with his forehead resting in the palms of his hands looking down at his well worn bowling shoes, wondering what went wrong. He had forced himself to... [Read More]

The Walkabout

Is your game a bust? Go for a walkabout!

The Walkabout

Have you ever had one of those days on the lanes when you couldn’t hit a truck if it was parked at your breakpoint? How about days when you can’t repeat a shot to save your life? Can’t get the... [Read More]

The Cure for Early Turn and Over-Turn – Part 1

Eyes in the back of your head and planned failures

The Cure for Early Turn and Over-Turn - Part 1

Turning the ball early and over-turning the ball are two of the most common performance failures by aspiring bowlers. As I travel the country giving bowling lessons, I have come to realize that at least half the bowlers afflicted with... [Read More]

The Ron Clifton Scoot

Stop grabbing and lofting and start scooting

The Ron Clifton Scoot

I developed a technique many years ago my students have affectionately named the Ron Clifton Scoot. The scoot is a reasonably easy technique to learn that accomplishes several desirable things at once. When you do the scoot, you create a... [Read More]