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General Info

Name:Double Clutch
Reviewed:August 2010
Coverstock Specs
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:2000 Abralon
Color:Royal Blue / Black
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.020

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The Double Clutch is AMF’s latest release in their mid-price category, joining the Clutch Pearl and replacing the Clutch. This new release offers more traction in the oil than the Clutch ever thought of creating. This is due to the stronger F64 cover this ball uses compared to the F55 cover used on the Clutch. Not only is the cover stronger, so is the core. The lower RG, combined with the much higher intermediate differential, allows the Double Clutch to take charge of the midlane. These changes allow the Double Clutch to handle larger volumes of oil with ease.

All three of our testers found this new piece to match up best with our long, heavy oil pattern. The 2000 Abralon finish allowed all three to find the pocket with ease on this pattern. We had more miss room in the oil due to the extra traction. We could rely less on the back end of the lane to steer this one to the pocket. When the back ends tighten up on longer oil patterns, balls like the Double Clutch will still be able to find the hole due to their strength in the middle part of the lane.

We found moderate success on our medium test pattern with the box finish. Those bowling exclusively on medium oil patterns might be able to get a game or so out of the Double Clutch, but will find taking this ball to 4000 Abralon a much better match. Raising the factory finish will also keep it from chewing up a medium volume pattern. We made our suggested surface adjustment and found we were able to move back right a little, leaving oil to move back into when this pattern started to break down. Those bowling on lighter oil patterns will need to keep it in the bag. Only those with a combination of low revs and high ball speed will have any kind of success on lighter oil patterns. Even then, they will still need to go with a 4000 Abralon finish.

Oily sport patterns will offer the best overall reaction for the Double Clutch. Those with lower rev rates will have a better look on medium sport patterns than those with higher rev rates.

Performance Ratings

We found the Double Clutch to be much more aggressive in the midlane compared to the Clutch. This is due to the large increase in intermediate differential combined with the rougher box finish.
The 2000 Abralon factory finish allows the Double Clutch to match up extremely well with long and oily lane conditions. Those needing less traction in the oil will want to raise the factory finish to 4000 Abralon.
Back End15
Due to the aggressive read of the midlane, the Double Clutch provides a super strong arcing motion at the back end of the lane. This new release doesn’t cover as much area at the back end as the Clutch, due to its extra traction in the oil.
Total Hook52
The overall hook potential is similar to that of the Clutch. However, this one goes about it in a totally different manner. It will need more oil than the Clutch in the front of the lane to perform at its best.


The strong asymmetry of the Double Clutch is its biggest asset. Very few balls at this price point offer a core as strong as the one in the Double Clutch. You won’t ever find this one skidding through the breakpoint.


The strong nature of the Double Clutch is also a detriment. The strength of the cover combined with the factory finish limits it to oily lane conditions, especially for those with higher rev rates. Surface adjustments will be a must for those bowling on medium to light oil patterns.

Overall Summary

The Double Clutch takes strength to a whole new level for AMF at this price point. The stronger cover combined with the stronger core design gives this Clutch unmatched strength in the oil while maintaining enough energy down lane.

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