Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Coverstock Specs
Name:ECA (Enhanced Composite Adhesion)
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:500 / 1500 SiaAir
Color:Black / Light Blue / Purple Solid
Core Specs
Name:Kingpin Ultra Low RG
Int. Diff:0.020

The Brunswick Kingpin uses a new coverstock, new outer core filler material, and a new core design. These elements come together to give this ball the most total hook in the Brunswick line. The new Enhanced Composite Adhesion coverstock comes out of the box at a rough 500/1500 SiaAir finish that hooks very quickly off the bowler’s hand. The length of this ball is just above the new Magnitude 055, while making a stronger move off the breakpoint. Like the Magnitude 055, the Kingpin uses Brunswick’s new DynamiCore material in the outer core that surrounds the brand new asymmetrical Kingpin Ultra Low RG core design, making it the only asymmetrical ball in the current Pro Performance line for Brunswick. The big motion this ball creates going down the lane will be best on heavy volumes of oil.

All three of our testers had their best lines to the pocket on our heavy volume test pattern. While the Magnitude 055 and other high-end releases like the Quantum Forest Green Solid handle oil just as well as this ball, the Kingpin’s reaction at the back end really sets it apart. Our testers were all able to start with their feet farther left on this pattern than they did with any previous Brunswick ball. The dull surface easily kept the Kingpin from sliding past the breakpoint and its strong move off the dry allowed all three of our testers to kick the corners out on shots that were kept in the oil. This motion was very useful as the front started to dry up and they needed to move in and throw their balls away from the headpin a bit more. Stroker and Tweener saw a big difference in how much stronger this ball turned the corner compared to the 055 when they started moving toward the middle of the lane. Cranker ended up having to keep his ball closer to the headpin in the heaviest part of the pattern in order to stay in the pocket as the oil became more and more burned up.

Stroker was the only tester to have a consistent look to the pocket on our medium oil pattern. He was farther left than he is usually comfortable playing, but with the big hook from the Kingpin, he was a little more confident knowing that his ball was going to hook back. His lower rev rate allowed him to float the Kingpin through the front of the lane, while its strong motion downlane kept it from burning up at the pins. Tweener and Cranker saw too much traction in the middle of the lane for their liking with the rough box finish. They both took their Kingpins to the spinner for a coat of Crown Factory Polish to delay the hook and get their balls farther down the lane. With this polished finish, they both had much better reactions on this pattern and could hit the pocket as much as Stroker. Like the testers saw on our heavy pattern, the Kingpin was much stronger off the breakpoint than the Magnitude 055. Bowlers who liked the dull Nirvana or Mastermind releases but who want increased hook and back end motion will find it with the Kingpin.

The strong hook from the Kingpin made it easy for Stroker and Tweener to get to the pocket on our flatter sport pattern. Stroker could play up the seven board, while Tweener was playing a small swing from 11 at the arrows to seven at the breakpoint and letting the big traction from the Kingpin get his ball back up to the pocket. The fast revving core and rough cover kept the Kingpin from ever missing the breakpoint. Cranker had slightly too much hook and too much motion off the breakpoint with the box finish. The Kingpin’s aggressive cover forced him too far left with his feet and took away any hold the pattern provides. He used a 4000 SiaAir pad to smooth out his cover, which allowed him to move right and improve his ball reaction.

Performance Ratings

The new ECA coverstock retains energy for the breakpoint better than any dull cover thus far from Brunswick. The added motion at the breakpoint increased our carry percentage with this hook monster.
We had just a little more length from the Kingpin than from the Quantum Forest Green and the Magnitude 055. The big difference was the motion at the breakpoint and back end.
Back End17.5
The Kingpin offers lots of downlane recovery for a ball with such a strong coverstock. It is more angular at the dry than any of the Quantums.
Total Hook59
The Kingpin offers the most total hook to date from Brunswick. The added downlane motion is what will make this ball stand out over the previous big-hooking balls like the Nirvanas and Masterminds.


The Kingpin uses new technology inside and out to provide big hook and big downlane recovery. Bowlers looking for easy hook on heavy volume patterns need to look no further than the Kingpin.


The Kingpin at its box finish needs some oil to keep it in the pocket. Our heavy oil pattern was best for how strong this ball is.

Overall Summary

The Kingpin has the most hook in the entire Brunswick line. When the Magnitude 055 is a little too smooth off the breakpoint on heavier patterns, the Kingpin is the ball to switch into.

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