April 2015 Content Archive

Bowling Tips and Techniques Articles

A review of the hand and the motivations for the ADT grip

An Anatomical Approach to Fitting and Drilling

I recently devised an anatomically-guided fitting and drilling technique that I call the Anatomical Drilling Technique (ADT). With this grip, I believe the ball now feels like it is a natural extension of the hand. This fitting process was developed...

An analysis of the 2015 USBC Masters semifinal match

Gamesmanship, Mental Toughness, and Impeccable Concentration

As I was writing my previous article about Facebook use in bowling, the prestigious USBC Masters was being contested in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The tournament's back-to-back champion, Jason Belmonte (“Belmo” as he is known in Australia), was looking to become...

It’s not how hard you train, but how well you recover!

How To Properly Recover From Your Workouts

In the last few years, there has been significant growth in the number of fitness trends from new apps to new diets as well as programs like CrossFit, P90x, Insanity, and BeachBody. It has been great to see a boom...

It's all about focus!

The Bowler's Shot Cycle

Bowling is classified as a non-cyclical sport, because the repetition of movements are dispersed and varied, unlike rowing or running or cycling. That said, the sport is much more repetitive than team sports like basketball or baseball and there is...

An approach to building an effective arsenal

The Spaces Between

The need for an arsenal of bowling balls is something that more and more bowlers are finally buying into. Once you decide that an arsenal of balls is something you need, then the fun starts: how do you set up...