What used to be called “early timing” is now commonly known as “roller timing.” Roller timing is the result of the swing getting to the foul line before the slide is completed. While there are several examples of bowlers on the PBA Tour who have/had this timing—such as Marshall Holman, Chris Barnes, and Robert Smith—excessively early timing will often result in loss of balance and loss of rev rate.

In order to delay timing at the release, most bowlers need to delay their timing earlier in the swing. This can be achieved by one of two things: lengthening the time to complete the swing, or using faster footwork to shorten the approach.

In order to lengthen the swing, consider working on a later ball start, or using more extension in the pushaway. Both of these can be worked on through the use of the ball start drill. For faster feet, consider leaning more forward in the stance to help you create more forward momentum during the approach.

The cause of early timing can also be mental. With a coach, examine if overthinking might be causing you to slow down and control your movements.