Pin Perspectives: Rule or Duel


Bowling, like any sport, has its unique set of playing rules, without which we wouldn’t know what we’re supposed to do, where we are supposed to do it, and how. Rules provide more than mere structure to an activity or... [Read More]

Starting on the Right Foot

Putting the pieces together to start the season


Welcome back, bowlers! Your “off-season” has come and gone, and by the time you read this, you have probably attended meetings and bowled at least a week or two of the new season. While it’s simple to put on your... [Read More]

To Bowl or Not to Bowl?

Considerations for bowling's off-season


We share a passion for a unique sport, one that can be enjoyed year-round. However, I’d like to pose a question to you, dear bowlers: just because you can bowl all year long, should you do so? Putting this into... [Read More]

Making the Most of Your Practice

Five key elements of successful long-term practice

Making the Most of Your Practice

Back in 2015, the PBA's Xtra Frame asked various professional bowlers about their practice habits. While some made light of the question initially, we can see from the answers that most elite pros tend to increase their practice sessions in preparation... [Read More]

Managing Your Expectations

The mental pitfalls of expecting too much

Managing Your Expectations

As most leagues enter the homestretch of their seasons, many bowlers have established some expectations for how the season will end. With this in mind, let us consider the role expectation plays and how it affects our bowling. The Oxford... [Read More]

Bowling Angry

Battlefield fixes and mental strategies

Bowling Angry

Have you had times when you seemed to be unable to hit your target, even if it was the size of an elephant? How about those nights when you have cycled through every possible adjustment you know or can execute,... [Read More]

Hand Versus Bowling Ball

Discussing the need for and purpose of wrist supports

Hand Versus Bowling Ball

Since the inception of many sports, the equipment has changed—sometimes dramatically. The impact of these changes upon a given sport is often a hotly debated topic. In this regard, bowling is certainly no different. From drastic changes in bowling ball... [Read More]