Keeping It Simple: Ball Surface

Keeping it Simple Ball Surface Header

Today, we are going to cover (pun intended) the surface of the bowling ball. Coverstock design, preparation, and management are the three areas we will be exploring, with a focus on maintaining the life and reaction of the bowling ball.... [Read More]

Anatomy of a Bowling Ball Layout

Anatomy of a Bowling Ball Layout

Trying to wrap your head around bowling ball layouts is like trying to wrap your head around the universe. Without highly specific training, it's nearly an impossible thing to do. In sticking with our KISS acronym from last time, let’s... [Read More]

Layouts: Keeping It Simple


A lot of the questions bowlers have about equipment relate to layouts: “What kinds of layouts are best for sport patterns?” “What’s the difference between Dual Angle and the Pin Buffer methods?” “What’s most important in a layout?” My goal over... [Read More]