Recognizing and Producing the Matching Up Process

Provide maximum energy to the pins in a score producing way

Recognizing and Producing the Matching Up Process

You’ve heard people talk about not being matched up; that’s why they lost or didn’t score well or whatever. They are very likely telling the truth. Matching up is paramount to success in bowling. It's the transference of energy from... [Read More]

The “T” Word – Part 1

How to make training more productive and fun

The T Word - Part 1

No athlete progresses in their chosen sport without training to improve skill levels. You can't train if you're keeping score and if you're keeping score, winning matters. If winning matters, you're not training. There are many ways to practice which... [Read More]

The Well-Accessorized Bowler – Part 1

Stuff you can't do without

The Well-Accessorized Bowler

Like all sports, bowling has a variety of paraphernalia designed to aid performance. Some really help and others are more for attitude than actual physical benefit. Don’t treat those types lightly. They can be very valuable assets since you’ll perform... [Read More]

The “T” Word – Part 2

More games to make training productive and fun

The T Word - Part 2

As promised, here are more games you can use to liven up your training sessions. There are challenges for your high school, college, league, or tournament team practicing together. Approach Dots This is a game I learned through Mark Roth.... [Read More]