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Susie Minshew is a USBC Gold Coach, Master Silver Instructor, a regional PWBA champion, and past president of IBPSIA. She has authored two new books, Whoever Finds It First, Wins and Bowling Whisperer. Visit her online at

Getting the Tournament Team Lined Up – Part 2

Who’s going to throw which shot?

Getting the Tournament Team Lined Up - Part 2

Since last month’s article, I’m sure you have shared the magazine with your teammates. You’ve been paying a little more attention to the other team warming up in league and maybe you even tried different assignments for your team members... [Read More]

Getting the Tournament Team Lined Up – Part 1

Watch every shot…even those by other-handers

Getting the Tournament Team Lined Up - Part 1

It’s actually past time to start preparing for the USBC Championships. You should have started years ago! Actually, I’m only kidding a little bit. Getting lined up as a team is pretty important. Remember the Six Shot System™ of lining... [Read More]

Your Popoff Valve

Using journaling to develop your pressure shot

Your Popoff Valve

Everyone feels pressure. We just don’t feel it about the same things. I can remember television commentator Denny Schreiner saying that everyone loves to need to strike out in the 10th to win a match. I also remember thinking, “Nuh-uh!!... [Read More]

Never Shoot a Single Pin Again

Bonus: How to make the bucket and washout

Never Shoot a Single Pin Again

This philosophy will, if you use it faithfully, practically assure you don’t miss a single pin spare again. It’s not that you don’t know how to shoot the 2 pin or the 4/7, for example. You absolutely know how. You’ve... [Read More]

Mythbusting – Part 1

Blowing up the textbook

Mythbusting - Part 1

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2012 brings you a bunch of wisdom, forgiveness, and messengers for the corner pins. I thought I would start off this year debunking some myths in bowling. On tilt Being “on tilt” is a... [Read More]

Bowling Tape as an Art Form

...because tape is cheaper than an open frame!

Bowling Tape as an Art Form

There are folks who, while spraying the ball all over the lane in practice, will say, “Don’t worry. My thumb will swell up here in a minute and I’ll be fine.” Aaarrgghh. While they are waiting for their thumb to... [Read More]

Pitching a Fit

Holes, inserts, and your spec sheet

Pitching a Fit

As we talked about last time, three things matter when it comes to the fit of your bowling ball: pitch, span, and hole size. Most folks think hole size counts the least. That's true unless the hole size is wrong.... [Read More]

Sparemeister – Part 3

Spare necessities

Sparemeister - Part 3

There are a bunch of spare systems out there. You may choose one of the methods in this segment for right side spares and have a totally different plan for left side spares. You might change either of those systems... [Read More]

Sparemeister – Part 2

Spare necessities

Sparemeister - Part 2

Here are more methods to increase your spare conversion percentage. Hand position Some elite players change hand positions and use their strike ball for spares. The purpose of changing hand positions is to make the strike ball act like a... [Read More]