Sparemeister – Part 1

Spare necessities

Sparemeister - Part 1

There are times when striking is very difficult and as Marion Ladewig said, “sparin’ ‘em to death” is the only way to win. There are 1023 possible spares, 249 of which are probable. We’ve all heard that to make a... [Read More]

Stuff To Do, No Matter What – Part 3

Stuff to Do No Matter What - Part 3

Here are the last few No Matter least until I learn some more. “No matter Whats”,—if you’re just tuning in to the series—are what I call universal bowling applications. The pay attention NMW I’m always surprised at the number... [Read More]

Stuff to Do, No Matter What – Part 2

Free-wheelin’, tuned in, and sliding

Stuff to Do No Matter What - Part 2

Here are some more “No Matter Whats” (otherwise known as universal bowling applications) you’ll find it fun to own. The reckless abandon NMW Reckless abandon is a mental attitude that translates into a wonderful physical feeling. It frees the spirit... [Read More]

Stuff to Do, No Matter What – Part 1

Observations about universal bowling applications

Stuff to Do No Matter What - Part 1

I’ve been developing this list since I started bowling. It was just some observations I made: if I did this more often, this happened; if I didn’t, good things happened less. I didn’t know it would turn into a bunch... [Read More]

Thumb Timing

Oh, goody...another kind of timing to worry about!

Thumb Timing

A thumbhole is pretty much just a complicating factor in our game. In fact, if I consider challenging lane conditions, tough crosses, or other difficulties in bowling, I'd still pick the thumbhole as the most annoying. One solution, of course,... [Read More]

Warm Up Once, Line Up Forever!

A bowler's never-ending journey

Warm Up Once, Line Up Forever!

Oh, those precious minutes of practice before league! There are so many things you need to do with them. You’ve got to get your drink, fight for your table, shuffle the cards, greet everybody, and oh yeah, find the shot.... [Read More]

Is it Me or the Lane?

Competitive strategies to get you unclogged

You’ve probably heard it said that you will compete like you train. If you train poorly or not at all, you’ll likely find your competitive juices all clogged. Your competitive strategy is a direct reflection of your training strategy. If... [Read More]

Pins Don’t Have Karma

Paying attention to how they fall will help you understand why they sometimes don’t!

Pins Don't Have Karma

The study of pinfall is extremely important. Pins can give you a lot of information. There are times when as soon as you let the ball go, you know it’s probably going to be a 10 pin. (There are also... [Read More]

Green Bowling

Recycling your moves

Green Bowling

There will be times when you are confused by all you know. You've moved left. You've moved right. You've looked farther down the lane. You've targeted the dots. You've changed balls three times. You've tried forward roll. You've tried side... [Read More]

The Evil Drift

Never walk toward your target

Drift is a very important and often misused word in bowling. We talk about it being too much or too little - we shouldn’t do it – no, it’s really okay if you only do it two boards – no,... [Read More]