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General Info

Name:Dark Web
Reviewed:July 2022
Coverstock Specs
Name:Aggression Solid
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:500 / 1500 SiaAir
Color:Dark Blue / Black
Core Specs
Name:Modified Spheroid
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Dark Web joins the Hammer lineup for the summer and uses the Aggression Solid coverstock that is found on the Black Widow 2.0. Bowlers will immediately notice the increase in texture from the much duller box finish. The Dark Web comes out of the box prepped with 500 and 1500 SiaAir, giving bowlers plenty of hook and traction. Previous versions of the Web and Web Pearl used the Spheroid core design, while the Dark Web features the new Modified Spheroid weight block. This core has a higher RG (2.514″) while still offering the same differential (0.048″). These elements combine to allow the Dark Web to be a monster on heavy volumes of oil. It was no surprise that all three of our bowlers matched up best on our long oil pattern.

Stroker loved the amount of hook and continuation he saw from the Dark Web on the fresh heavy oil pattern. It grabbed the lane very quickly and read the midlane very well. He was very happy with the number of boards he could cover and still see continuation through the pin deck. The midlane reaction was incredible for him, giving him all the hook he wanted without burning up or getting lazy downlane. The dull box finish made adjusting to the transition very easy, as he could move his feet two boards left to give himself more angle through the front and let the strong roll walk the ball back to the pocket. The very slick middle of the lane was no challenge for the Dark Web, and the track area was a nice bump zone of friction for him. He was able to keep the ball at the box finish until the end of the session. With his lower rev rate release, he never saw the ball want to hook too early or quit downlane on this pattern. Stroker had the best reaction of our three bowlers on the medium test pattern with the Dark Web. His release provided much better length than the other two testers, allowing him to have a much easier time getting to the pocket. Even on this pattern, he was able to keep the ball from starting too quickly, which provided him with a stronger downlane move than the

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