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General Info

Name:Covert Tank
Reviewed:May 2019
Coverstock Specs
Name:Frixion Microcell Polymer
Type:Microcell Polymer
Box Finish:2000 Grit LSS
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Motiv Covert Tank brings back an older core shape while also introducing a new coverstock formulation to the market. The Torx weight block is a lower RG and higher differential symmetrical design that offers around five inches of flare potential. This core shape was previously used in the Forza. The coverstock is the most interesting part of this new release. Motiv has created a new cover formulation called Frixion Microcell Polymer that absorbs oil more than urethane, but not as quickly as reactive resin. The motion created by the Covert Tank fills the gap between balls like the previous Tanks and balls like the Freestyle Rush and Thrill.

This ball was best for our three testers on our dry oil test pattern. Tweener and Stroker were just left of 10 with their release points and they could easily get this ball through the pins from the second and third boards downlane. The Covert Tank’s sanded cover got it hooking early enough to give them the traction they needed on this pattern. They both saw more recovery at the back of the lane than they saw with the Tank Rampage, while seeing a smoother transition than the Thrill. The difference was really noticeable after a few

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