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  • 1. Ball position in the stance
  • 2. Pushaway
  • 3. Downward backswing
  • 4. Forward swing
  • 5. Follow through

A perfect swing blends ball position, pushaway, downward backswing, forward swing, and follow through into an ideal execution. Countless manuals and instructional guides have been written regarding proper bowling technique. Most of them are informative and technically beneficial for any aspiring bowler.

My suggestions are based on modern principles. These methods and techniques have been tested and proven on the PBA Tour and can be considered “universal” as they can be adopted and implemented into any bowler’s individual style. In other words, my recommendations do not necessitate radical changes.

This is by no means the only manner for successful bowling. It is merely the most commonly advocated and effective form of bowling execution I have witnessed in over 50 years of study and observation of the greatest players in bowling history.

It must be noted that PBA conditions bear no resemblance to normal “house conditions”. The oil patterns are vastly different. The breakpoints vary from week to week. There is far more dependence on quality shots, speed control, and hand positioning. The ability to change angles is paramount, not only from day to day, but on many occasions, from lane to lane.

Many youngsters making the jump from standard house conditions to more competitive lanes encounter extreme difficulty during their “baptism of fire,” despite whatever great records they may have as amateurs in league and tournament competition. Major sports often produce rookies who can hold their own in professional careers, but it is a rarity in professional bowling. Nonetheless, two rookies recorded victories in their initial year on tour…Rhino Page and Scott Norton. To their credit, they honed their skills as members of  Team USA where they starred and prepared for a professional bowling career.

The primary fundamental of proper bowling execution is the armswing, a crucial ingredient for attaining proper rhythm and balance. Armswings fall into several categories: the free armswing, the semi-controlled armswing, and the forced backswing, all ...

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John Jowdy

About John Jowdy

John Jowdy has been a bowler, author, instructor, and speaker over the last 60 years. He was coach to some of the most successful bowlers on tour. John’s awards and accomplishments include: Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame, ABC and PBA Halls of Fame, International Bowling Coach of the Year. He was a contributing writer for Bowling This Month for 13 years. John Jowdy passed away in 2013 at age 93.