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  • 1. I mostly bowl leagues and want to start competing in more tournaments. I can only...
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  • 2. I often leave a lot of 10 pins (righthanded). How can I tell if I need to move right...
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I’m excited to join the Round Table. This has always been a favorite part of BTM for me because the content is dictated by what you, the readers, are asking. Throughout my years of coaching I’ve come to realize that if one bowler has a question or would like advice about a subject, it’s likely that there are others who have the same question. I hope this forum will be a valuable resource for you as you continue learning and improving your game. Write me with your questions and I’ll have them fielded by top coaches and industry experts.

This month’s Round Table features two questions that are related to equipment and ball reaction/lane play.

Editor’s note:  The format of The Round Table column consists of posing technical questions submitted by readers to several top bowling coaches and educators and having them respond in “round-robin” style.

Rod RossAbout Rod Ross
Director and Head Coach of the USBC International Training and Research Center, Team USA Head Coach, USBC Gold coach
Chris SchlemerAbout Chris Schlemer
PBA Tour Consultant for Storm Products, Inc., USBC Silver coach
Bill MonceAbout Bill Monce
USBC Gold coach, Midwest District Sales Manager for Ebonite International
Carol NormanAbout Carol Norman
WIBC Hall of Fame member, US Open champion, USBC Silver coach, owner of UCanBowl2 Pro Shop, Storm pro staff member

I mostly bowl leagues and want to start competing in more tournaments. I can only afford a few balls in my arsenal, and I don’t want to add more, especially when I travel. With so many choices, how do I decide which balls would best for me?

Rod Ross

Not having a large budget to invest in an arsenal requires that you make wise choices. The first ball you should have in your arsenal is a spare ball. As you start adding other balls to your arsenal, know that you will need balls with different flare potentials as well as balls that hook at different distances down the lane. You want balls that will give you different looks and shapes.

To help you get started, seek out some local advice to help you build your arsenal; either a coach who has arsenal development experience or your local pro shop operator. They will need to see ...

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Mike Jasnau

About Mike Jasnau

Mike Jasnau is a Teaching Pro / CATS Instructor at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV. He is a PBA Champion, USBC Silver Level Coach, and Storm Instructional Staff Member.