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  • 1. The extension
  • 2. Speaking of accomplished bowlers…
  • 3. It’s a reaction
  • 4. The worst things to do
  • 5. A true legend
  • 6. It’s a wrap

I was inspired to write this article by Mr. Stewart, who asked some excellent questions and had some interesting observations about the follow through during some email exchanges we had.

As with every other part of the sport of bowling, there are some dos and don’ts. There are also some unique things that come from the follow through. You can actually identify certain characteristics of a follow through and link them directly to a particular bowling style. So, let’s start with the one of the common ‘looks’ of a follow through that a vast majority of successful bowlers possess.

The extension

All great players who have achieved tremendous success on the lanes have certain things in common. One of those things is the extension part of the follow through as shown in the photo labeled “Extension.” While looking at the photo, you will notice that there are two arrows.



Let’s talk about the arrow drawn from the center of the back and pointing downward toward the top of the slide foot. There are a few key things to note here:

  • The center of the back is over the knee and over the ball of the slide foot.
  • The right hip is back and not under the body.

Here’s a drill to help you get the feel of this position:

  1. First, copy the position that you see in the photo to the best of your ability and swing your bowling arm back and forth. If you are doing this properly, you will not feel any uncomfortable restriction in the arm as you swing.
  2. Next, move your upper body back slightly and try to again swing your arm back and forth. As you do this, you will have the uncomfortable feeling of the muscles tightening on the back of your arm.
  3. Now, move your upper body too far forward and swing your arm back and forth. You will get an uncomfortable feeling as the arm travels forward instead of as it travels back as in #2.

As you look at the arrow on the arm, notice the arm is still fairly straight. That’s an important key. Another key element is in the next photo – “Follow through palm up.”

Follow through palm up

Follow through palm up

Notice the palm of the hand is facing forward. This is the starting position of ...

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