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  • 1. Your bowling environment
  • 2. Identifying the problem area
  • 3. Improving  your skill sets and making your circles bigger
  • 4. The physical
  • 5. The mental
  • 6. The tactical
  • 7. Bringing it all together

Last month, the relationship between a bowler’s skill sets and their peak performance was introduced in a new way. Using the Venn diagram to discuss the mental, tactical, and physical game, bowlers can identify which of the three most common types of bowler they are and predict the chance of peak performance.

This month, we’ll discuss the application of this model based on the bowling environment. We’ll also discuss ways to improve your chances at peak performance. To refresh your memory, take a look at the “Skill Sets Diagram” in the Venn bowling universe and the table below defining the common bowler types.

Your bowling environment

This model is useful when used as a backdrop to analyze your ability to compete in your own bowling environment(s). The more variety you have in your environment, the larger the area that needs to be represented in the bowling Universe (See Environment 1 and 2). Bowlers with a lot of variety in their environment will invariably need a larger “peak performance” intersection in order to have success.

In the Environment 1 image, we see an approximation of a bowler who competes in a very limited setting. This would be a bowler who might only compete in one center in one situation, like league. The environment is very stable and well known and there is very little chance that the bowler won’t be competing at their best based on the current skill set.

In Environment 2, we see a situation where there is a much greater chance the bowler will not be at peak performance because the size of the rectangle representing the bowling environment variety is much bigger. Bowlers competing in multiple centers, on multiple conditions, in multiple pressurized situations, will need ...

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Tyrel Rose

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Tyrel Rose is Bowling This Month's Director of Content. He is also currently the Head Coach for Team Canada, with over 20 years of experience coaching bowlers of all levels. Tyrel is an NCCP Competition Development level and USBC Bronze Certified coach, and a former Canadian national champion.