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Bowling Tips and Techniques Articles

What it is and why it's important

Functional Strength Training for Bowlers

Maybe you've been wanting to get back in shape and have a healthier lifestyle. Or, maybe you've read the benefits that training can have for a bowler and want to start up a regimen. Whether it’s related to performance, health,...

Tips for parents, practicing with a purpose, and tracking your progress

Odds and Ends on Coaching and Competing

I am so pleased and excited to see Bowling This Month back up and running. Our sport needs highly technical education. BTM brings the technical education to the athletic endeavors of serious bowlers and hopefully will be part of a...

Paying attention to how they fall will help you understand why they sometimes don’t!

Pins Don't Have Karma

The study of pinfall is extremely important. Pins can give you a lot of information. There are times when as soon as you let the ball go, you know it’s probably going to be a 10 pin. (There are also...

Ready to be your best? Commit to a 12/5/3 training week

The 12/5/3 Bowler Development Model

Hong Kong recently played host to the World Youth Championships, which is contested every two years. It was thoroughly enjoyable to see future talent performing on bowling’s biggest stage. Sitting in my hotel after this event was the perfect time...

What is typical about a THS?

What Makes a House Shot Typical?

Internet bowling forums are frequented by bowlers of all different levels. Often questions are asked or statements are made that create a lot of misunderstanding based on the level of the poster's knowledge of the sport. At the root of...