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  • 1. What makes a house shot typical?
  • 2. Different house = different shot?
    • 2.1. 1. “These lanes are really dry,” or “These lanes are really oily.”
    • 2.2. 2. “These lanes are really oily. Just look at all the oil on my ball.”
    • 2.3. Typical House Shot
    • 2.4. Challenge Shot
    • 2.5. Sport Shot

Internet bowling forums are frequented by bowlers of all different levels. Often questions are asked or statements are made that create a lot of misunderstanding based on the level of the poster’s knowledge of the sport. At the root of the misunderstanding, the differences between a typical house shot (THS) and a more challenging lane condition can often be found.

In terms of oil patterns, there are three factors that determine how your ball will react to the lane: the length of the pattern, the volume of oil, and the ratio of the oil on different parts of the lane (the center of the lane to the outside). Remember the oil allows the ball to skid for a specific distance before it encounters an area with less oil (therefore more friction) so the ball begins to hook. Regardless of what type of pattern you bowl, your goal is get the ball to hook at the spot that will allow it to retain its maximum energy until it hits the pins. If your ball hooks too soon, it expends its energy before it gets to the pins and loses the ability to carry the corners.

Before you can figure out how to attack a specific lane condition, you need to understand the differences between a Sport Condition, a Challenge Condition, and a THS. The only condition that complies with a specific definition according to USBC rules is the Sport Condition that is defined by an oil ratio of 3:1 or less. Just because a particular oil pattern is more difficult than that which you are used to does not mean that it is a sport shot. It also does not mean it is not a house shot that is just different than the one on which you usually bowl.

What makes a house shot typical?

On a house shot the oil ratio is usually higher than 3:1. This means there is ...

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