Lane Launch Pad – Part 3

Shrinking oil and the ramp revisited

Lane Launch Pad - Part 3

This article will conclude the series about lane conditions, oil pattern, and topography. I’ll include information about the “shrinking oil pattern”, more about the volume of oil on a pattern, and conclude with some final thoughts on some of the... [Read More]

Lane Launch Pad – Part 2

The topography

Lane Launch Pad - Part 2

After writing the first part of this series about oil patterns, it is now time to introduce you to the topography or shape of the lane. I will also be discussing some of the myths about oil patterns. Hopefully, this... [Read More]

Lane Launch Pad – Part 1

How your ball creates and traverses lane slopes

Lane Launch Pad - Part 1

In the next few months, I'll be discussing some of the key elements to understanding oil patterns. I'll also explain the breakdown of the front part of the oil pattern that leads to back end reaction. One of the first... [Read More]

Lofty Goals

Loft is a much needed tool in your arsenal

In the March issue of BTM, I discussed some of the differences between the top players in bowling and players who are looking to improve their game. In this month’s article, I would like to give more detail about what... [Read More]

The Dishwasher and Other Bowling Tools

Extending the life of your equipment, ball and lane surface changes, and experimenting with launch angles

The Dishwasher and Other Bowling Tools

Now that I’ve collected quite a number of questions from readers, I thought this would be a good time to address them. We’ll start with how to maintain your equipment in a way that will keep it working at peak... [Read More]


Things to look for as the new season begins


Many bowlers take the summer off before they start getting ready for the new league season. It’s during that break that many things change with the bowling environment - newer bowling balls, lane oils, or lane machines, for example. There... [Read More]

Start to Finish – Part 2

Broken down patterns

Start to Finish - Part 2

Before discussing what happens to an oil pattern, there are a few things that you may want to know. First of all, the oil pattern example that is used here was applied exactly the same in each of three bowling... [Read More]

Start to Finish – Part 1

Can you read an oil pattern graph?

Start to Finish - Part 1

The majority of time, at least here in the U.S., the lanes are stripped and oiled with a fresh oil pattern just before the start of league. Some of you may be thinking, “What is an oil pattern?” Some of... [Read More]

Keeping an Open Mind

The traps: why those old adjustments don't always work

Keeping an Open Mind

What I’m about to tell you appears that I am in favor of synthetic lanes over wood lanes. I am. Wood lanes today are becoming extinct. However, to be fair to those who bowl in a wood lane house, I'll... [Read More]

Consistently Performing Layouts

From high track to full roller players

Consistently Performing Layouts

The league and tournament seasons are now in full swing and most likely many of you are getting ready to drill a new piece of equipment for either your league or your upcoming tournament competitions. I would like to give... [Read More]