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About Dean Champ

Dean Champ is a USBC-certified Silver coach who has been coaching bowlers of all levels and styles for 10 years. He is also the creator of the popular Analysis of Modern 10-Pin Bowling YouTube videos. Dean is the Head Coach of the Australian Adult Women's National Training Squad and representative team.

Mind Your Bowling – Part 2

Mind Your Bowling - Part 2

In Part 2 of Mind Your Bowling, I will be discussing some of the practical things you can do to develop your mindfulness skills. There are a number of exercises and activities to practice in this article, and, although it... [Read More]

Mind Your Bowling – Part 1

The benefits of mindfulness for bowlers

Mind Your Bowling - Part 1

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword in sport these days, with more teams and athletes using it and advocating the positive effect it has had on them and their results. One of the most successful coaches in the US... [Read More]

The Bowling Flow Channel

The importance of balancing skill level and challenge level throughout your bowling journey

The Bowling Flow Channel

Bowlers who approach me for coaching usually answer the question about what their goals are in similar ways: "I would like more revs." "I want a higher average." "I want to be more consistent." An issue that sometimes emerges following... [Read More]

Bowling in the Zone

Bowling in the Zone

You may have heard a bowler say, "I was really in the zone today," when describing how or why they performed well during a tournament or league. But what exactly is "the zone?" Being in the zone is not easy... [Read More]

Bowling Timing: It’s Not a Clockwork Universe

Bowling Timing: It's Not a Clockwork Universe

When Sir Isaac Newton wrote Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy in 1687, he presented to the world his three laws of motion and his principle of universal gravitation. With this breakthrough in the understanding of motion, Newton also inadvertently introduced... [Read More]

Ignition Examples

Editor's note:  This content is a supplement to Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 2. When Evonne Goolagong Cawley turned 10, she decided she was going to win Wimbledon. "I read this story about this lady who came along... [Read More]

Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code – Part 2

Ignition, grit, and the rage to master

Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 2

There is a reason the best bowlers in the world are the best: they are obsessed with the sport. They have practiced more, competed more, learned more, had more coaching, and spent more time with a ball in their hand... [Read More]

Deep Practice Examples

Editor's note: This content is a supplement to Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 1. Australian sporting legends As a proud Aussie, I want to briefly share the background about some of our country’s most legendary sports stars, as... [Read More]

Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code – Part 1

Deep practice

Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 1

In his thought-provoking 2009 book The Talent Code, author Daniel Coyle scoured the world looking for breeding grounds of talent in sport, athletics, music, and the arts. He discovered that there were striking similarities in how skill was developed, the... [Read More]